The Bro Down: Episode 017 – 03.02.13

the bro down

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The Bro Down is a 1 hour podcast about hilarious stories, current events, pop culture, and games, from a bro perspective. New episodes every Saturday at 3 PM EST.

Topher is out today so Nate and Jared drink some Miami Vices (Bacardi 151 rum, Pina Colada mix and Daiquiri mix) and talk about the Daytona 500 (YEEEEEHAW! GO GATORS!), ransomware, and play our favorite game Colorful News: Florida Man Twitter Edition.

Blink 182 – I Miss You (Silent System Remix)
Radiohead – Creep (Lobounce Remix)
The Cure – Just Like Heaven (Lewd Behavior Remix)
Montell Jordan- This is how we do it (Viceroy Remix)

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