Welcome to Too Good For Radio…Radio. Or just 2G4R Radio for short. Its less confusing that way.

2G4R Radio is an extension of the music blog www.TooGoodForRadio.com. Originally conceived as just a convenient way for us to play music here internally at the office, it has evolved as a way to efficiently get all the latest music that we feature on our blog to the Internet community.

Over the course of the next few months you will see many changes to the radio content, schedule, and website as we continue to find out what works and what doesn’t. We hope to incorporate live web shows, podcasts, guest interviews, and even live event coverage. We want 2G4R to be an audience driven broadcast. Your feedback about the overall radio content is very important to us! Please send any comments or suggestion to DJ@toogoodforradio.com.

As always, we strive to promote independent DJs and artists. If you would like to get your music featured on the air or have an idea for a radio show send an email to DJ@toogoodforradio.com.

We are excited to start brining you this new service. We hope you enjoy it.

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